Music Decomposer

It's time to create monstrous melodies with Nick's grooviest ghoulies!

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Two Dogs Meet Think shaking hands is a weird way to greet people? You should see what happens when "Two Dogs Meet!"
Springhead Ever had a weird idea take root when you least expected it? Click on the lumps to see what's growing.
Road Skunk Hmmm... what's that smell? Click the green arrows and keep your eyes on the road!
Digital Pinata Feel like whacking something with a stick until it busts open? Take on a digital pinata (and stay away from your kid sister!!!)
Crying, Screaming Baby This baby needs you in a big, bad, LOUD way! Drag him his toys to keep things quiet.
The Big Help Heavy Hitters Step right up and see how many hits it takes you to rise to the top!
Spy Test with Harriet the Spy How much do YOU remember about what you see? Test your sleuthing skills with Harriet!
International Toe Stub Forget love, AGONY is the REAL international language!
Disgruntled Warthog How do you soothe a savage beast? Give him what he wants!
Reptar Trivia Race This game's a Rugrat race to the finish! Wanna see Reptar bust a move? Get the right answers!