We might look like ordinary kids, but we're not--we're Animorphs, and this is our story. You see, we were all hangin' out at the arcade when all of a sudden Jake's dog Homer took off. By the time we caught up with him, the sky had gotten dark and this spaceship landed right in front of us. A dying alien, an Andalite, stumbled out and told us about these evil slug-like aliens called Yeerks who are trying to take over the universe by slivering into humans' brains and turning them into controllers. Before the Andalite died, it gave us a power--the ability to morph into any animal just by touching it and acquiring its DNA. But the Yeerks are on to us--their ship landed after the Andalite's, and they know some kids were there, they just don't know who we are. Now the Invasion has begun and the fate of the entire human race depends on us five kids.

Animorphs © Scholastic Entertainment Inc 1999