Ren & Stimpy

You can bet your Aunt Betty you've never seen anything like "Ren and Stimpy" (unless, of course, you HAVE seen "Ren and Stimpy"). And we're not afraid to tell you that this 'toon doesn't make any sense. Ren is a screaming, hyper-active Chihuahua who has a tendency to be downright mean to his best pal Stimpy, a giant, tail-less cat who eats kitty litter for lunch. The adventures of our crazy co-stars can take place anywhere--and in any form: They might be stir-crazy astronauts, they might be hand-painted firedogs, they might even be kidnapped circus midgets. What would you expect from a domesticated animal duo who worship a superhero called Powdered Toast Man? It's Space Madness!

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