Welcome to my links page! Here i'll leave links to pages and websites that i enjoy, and thought people visiting would enjoy too!

LAST UPDATED: 04/11/2023

CACTUSDYING.NEOCITIES.ORG - a friend's home page!!! currently only her webshrines are available, but she's working on the rest :]

LOVEWEBSITE - Homepage for the web show LOVEWEB, made by SHADOK. has links, news & even HTML tutorials linked! absolutely full of character and fun!!!!!

VLIF On-Line Web Page - homepage made by VLIF. pretty cool styling all around, and many hidden links to find and click!!!

blinkie maker - An absolute must-use website for making custom graphics and the like for your homepage! has tons of customizability, and is clearly run by very passionate people!

Cool Text - Another great source for getting graphics for your site. Cool Text is one of the OG text generators, being made in 1998! go show 'em some love if ya can. :]"