It is our pleasure to confirm the 1999 Sega World Educational Program…..

"Opening the Doors to Understanding Technology"

There is a huge opportunity to learn about computers, the operation of rides and the technology used in creating and operating Australia’s largest indoor theme park.

We wish to introduce you and your group to the facilities used and the role that modern technology plays in operating and sustaining the unique environment we call Sega World.

This program will include……

  • An explanation of the use of technology in the development and operation of the rides and games.
  • A question and answer session adjoining such an explanation.
  • The opportunity to "experience" the technology utilised at Sega World.
  • A demonstration of the technology used in our advanced audio-visual room.

Entry cost for the Sega World Educational Program is $15.00 per person, entitling each guest to an Unlimited Fun Pass and a meal voucher (Sonic Burger, chips and soft drink). One teacher will be admitted free for every twelve (12) paying students.

The Unlimited Fun Pass includes access to all the rides and over 150 arcade games within Sega World Sydney (if you wish to play the redemption prize games, tokens will need to be purchased).

Educational visits commence at 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, and 12:30pm. The explanation and display will take no longer than 30 minutes; however, you are welcome to remain in the park for up to three hours. Please note that food and drink of all kind is prohibited from entering the park.

If required, worksheets are available for students to complete throughout their visit. We would also like to extend our invitation for accompanying teachers to enter free of charge with every twelve students booked.

While your visit to Sega World is not only beneficial to the students learning experience, it is also an enjoyable and popular excursion for both students and teachers.

As a special offer, if you book your student group in the month of March, we will reward your school with complimentary Unlimited Fun Passes and fabulous merchandise packs! These prizes are perfect for school fund-raising and raffles!

The number of rewards you receive depends on the number of students you book as follows:

  • Groups 20 – 302 x Unlimited Fun Pass
  • Groups 31 – 60 4 x Unlimited Fun Pass and 1 Merchandise Pack
  • Groups 61 – 906 x Unlimited Fun Pass and 1 Merchandise Pack
  • Groups > 908 x Unlimited Fun Pass and 2 Merchandise Packs

If you would like any further information regarding Education Tours please do not hesitate to contact our Education team on (02) 9273 9141 or fax on (02) 9273 9148. Or simply fill out our information request form. Or you can book a session for your class using the booking form